Dr. Kelly Cobb – Functional Medicine Doc Who Meets Her Patients Where They Are in Quest to Achieve Optimal Health

Our guest on this inaugural episode of Nourish Your Health at every age is Dr. Kelly Cobb, a board-certified internal medicine physician and owner of Nouriche Med Spa in Lafayette LA.

Board eligible in geriatrics, Dr. Cobb is certified in age management medicine and has extensive experience in treating women’s health issues. Her career in medicine has been driven by her interest in the complexities that influence the mind, body, and health. You might consider Dr. Cobb a “detective” in her quest to guide her patients to achieve their optimal health.

A graduate of the LSU School of Medicine, Dr. Cobb holds degrees from the University of Texas in psychology, humanities, and communications.

Growing up with a dad who was an orthopedic surgeon, a grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease, and another grandmother who was an Army nurse and focused on eating healthily, Dr. Cobb had her own health issues during her residency and became intrigued by the possibilities of helping people by taking a holistic approach to medical care. She instinctively knew that you have to meet each patient where they are, and “listen and learn about the patient so you can get out of them what’s wrong.” Dr. Cobb’s patients are her partners…she works to unearth the symptoms and then teach people how everyday choices affect their health, especially nutrition, and how they can use food as medicine.

“Community is so important to the contribution and origin of the illness but also for the solution. How we can turn around health for people with the right multi-disciplinary approach….it’s not just the doctor that’s important but all people in the patient’s environment.”

“All of medicine is about listening and learning about the patient so you can determine what’s wrong. My patients are my partners…you have to be a detective to unearth their symptoms.”

It’s important to teach people how everyday choices affect their health, especially nutrition. Gut health and restoration, the impact of sugar, Follow the “80 – 20” rule when you can. Dr. Kelly Cobb

When asked to define Functional Medicine, Dr. Cobb stated that it is “root cause medicine.” Conventional allopathic medicine studies disease that physicians can reverse in emergency situations involving end-organ diseases such as heart failure or diabetes. Functional medicine is a “before” treatment that prevents end-organ situations where the body fails….where the physician looks at the patient and determines psychological issues, diet, hormones, what imbalances are going on in a person’s energy system? Root causes are the psycho-social influences that greatly affect the health of the patient.”

Dr. Cobb will appear on future podcasts to discuss topics such as hormonal balance, fighting fatigue, and how the brain is involved in the body’s health.

For more information on Dr. Kelly Cobb, please visit https://www.nourichemedspa.com/internal-medicine.