About Nourish Your Health…at every age

Health is a state we all want to embrace. Yet, it can be difficult to consistently make appropriate selections of foods and supplements that fit our own body’s particular needs, avoid addictive substances, and steer clear of toxic exposures in our environment. Even those people who seem to make healthy choices can be stricken with unexplainable cancer or heart disease. Why does that happen??

“Pursuing and unearthing unbiased health education has been a big part of my life goal of traveling the path to achieve wholeness. I’ve said goodbye to too many family members who died from avoidable health complications. Until you experience the trauma of watching loved ones lose limbs, experience Alzheimer’s, go into Diabetic coma, or survive a stroke which renders them speechless and motionless, it is hard to explain how helpless family members feel, and wonder, will I be next?? Jan Swift

Our podcast will feature healthcare experts who will speak on topics to empower you with knowledge on the latest subjects such as hormone health, effective exercise and supplements, and how to achieve balance in your life.

I will write about how I’ve learned from my own experiences because that is all I can offer you. I know firsthand the heartache being a child of parents I cared for, whom I stood beside as limbs were amputated, who lost their ability to communicate as a stroke took their lifeforce away. I know of grandchildren who never got to know their grandparents because they succumbed early to diseases that were a direct result of day to day, toxic choices. My daughters have never known their maternal grandparents, who died from complications of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, for which I have the deepest sadness and wish I could change.

As the daughter and caretaker of two diabetics who died young, I learned firsthand how tragic the outcomes may be for people who don’t monitor their food choices or consistently checking their glucose levels. With today’s smart-device technology, my hope is that the upcoming generations may experience the miracle of technology and change the expected trajectory of their health experiences.

In the meantime, I hope you will listen, read and learn to make choices that will inspire you to live a healthy life! Thank you so much. The best gift you can share is to stay vibrant and healthy so you can stick around and love your family, friends, and colleagues.